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The greatest inspiration I get for continuing to make jewelry is when I see my designs being worn by my customers. Today, I had my camera with me and was able to capture these beautiful ladies showing off their jewelry.



Arlene is wearing a rutilated quartz, gold biwa and rice pearls with gold filled  findings necklace and earrings. I call Arlene my “fit model” because necklaces look so lovely on her long neckline.


Debbie is wearing  Peruvian opal earrings and a chalcedony, druzy quartz, pearl, on sterling link chain necklace. debbie-blue-earrings-and-necklace.jpgdebbie-closeup-necklace.jpgAlso, she is modeling two new designs. Biwa pearls are hung on a handcrafted sterling loop with smoky quartz and sterling chain.  Keishi pearls on wirewrapped to handcrafted hoops. Debbie likes lightweight jewelry and this set is just that.


Dana is wearing her jasper on sterling post earrings. She had just purchased these and then forgot them at her mother’s home in Dallas but got them back ASAP.



One Comment

  1. These new creations are STUNNING! The variation in design continues to amaze me. Liz is a jewelry GENIUS!

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