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I admire the makeup artist Bobbi Brown. She has a talent for making women beautiful by highlighting their assets and downplaying their flaws. Also, she promotes a holistic approach to beauty (nutrition, exercise, water, taking care of skin). Her recent book, Bobbi Brown Living Beauty, is geared toward this philosophy.

I love the quote from page 22 on jewely as makeup.

“A few years ago, I received a pair of pink pearl earrings for my birthday. I instantly fell in love with these earrings because of the way the pink tones of the pearls magically brought out the natural pink of my cheeks. Now, whenever I feel under the weather or need a lift. I reach for my pearls. The next time you put on a pair of earrings, pay attention to the way the color of the earrings affects your face. Pearls and diamonds (they’re a girl’s best friend for a reason) cast a flattering glow on all complexions. And I love how colored gemstones enhance the color of any woman’s eyes. Clear emerald and light emerald earrings make green and hazel eyes pop. If you have blue eyes, you can make them stand out even more with pale turquoise or ocean blue gemstones. Choose amber and topaz gemstones or southwestern turquoise if you have brown eyes. Have fun with your jewelry – any great colored jewelry will add to your beauty. Plus, it’s prettier and more modern to wear pale blue earrings than pale blue eye shadow!”

* Bobbi Brown Living Beauty by Bobbi Brown, 2007




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