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This blog is usually devoted to jewelry and the art of making jewelry but I have to diverge every now and then. I recently got photos from an event I attended as a fundraiser for the March of Dimes. It was a chance to dress up, wear a hat, and meet other women for brunch. It definitely put the “fun” in a “fund-raising” event. I attended with two friends and we had a great time viewing all the creative and beautiful hats while socializing. 

I found my hat at The Time Warp, a vintage clothing store in Baton Rouge. I got a great felt handbag as well. I had purchased the dress from my favorite catalog company but this was the first time I had a chance to wear it. The hat was a little worn but I repaired the netting and added a broach that was broken but that I had saved (I knew there was a reason for keeping it!). My friend Janet was amazed to see the hat transformed since she was with me when I bought it and saw it in its original shabby shape.

This is an yearly event and I plan to attend again… if I can find just the right hat!

Liz, Veretta, Zohra, Janet

Liz, Veretta, Zohra, Janet



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