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large-clear-with-gold-teardrop-on-leather1I have been on a creative streak lately with my collection of chandelier prism jewelry. They are all so beautiful and it has been lots of fun to create one-of-a-kind designs from them.

The first photo is of an amber faceted prism teardrop and round faceted top.  I added citrine, coin pearl, freshwater pearls, and crystals and all this dangles from a gold-filled chain.

The second is an amber drop with biwa pearl and bicone crystal at the top and dangles of rutilated quartz, chalcedony, and freshwater pearls. A leather cord with a rutilated quartz toggle clasp finishes the necklace.

The third is a prism that is edged with gold at the top and bottom and I added biwa pearls, rutilated quartz, freshwater pearl and crystal. It hangs on a gold-filled chain.

The bottom is a larger teardrop prism with antiqued gold on top and bottom. Citrine, glass and biwa pearls with rutilated quartz and crystal drops accent the gold edging. It hangs on a leather cord.


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