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This past Friday, January 30th, was my birthday. I got to celebrate it in an fantastic way. I went to see Chris Botti in concert with the Baton Rouge symphony on Thursday night. 

For those of you not familiar with him, he is a fantastic trumpet player who toured with Sting and recorded with Sinatra prior to starting his own band.  The rest of the guys include Billy Childs (piano), Billy Kilson (drums), Mark Whitfield (guitar), and Robert Hurst (bass).

They play music that mixes pop, jazz, classical, and other genres. There were two special guests for the concert. First, a wonderful jazz vocalist named Sy Smith who sang the Burt Bacharach tune, “The Look of Love”. The other, a young violinist named Lucia Micarelli who blew everyone away with her two duets with Botti. 

We began the evening at the pre-concert black tie gala where the champagne sparkled and the food was abundant and delicious. And if that was not enough, we had the fortune of staying at the Hilton where the band was staying as well.  My friend Janet and I were having a drink (club soda), in the bar to unwind and who pops in but Mark Whitfield and Sy Smith. Chris Botti poked his head in but did not stay. Somehow Janet and I got invited to join Mark and his friend and former road manager from Baton Rouge named Kirk. Later, Billy Kilson joined us and Janet and Mark danced!  They were all very delightful and gladly posed for photos from admiring fans.

The next day, after catching up on some sleep, we stayed and played in BR for the day.  We had a scrumptious breakfast, did some shopping, and I visited with my son, Peyton. Needless to say, this was a birthday celebration I will remember.  Thanks Janet, Beverly, and Margaret for a great trip!


Janet, Margaret, Liz, and Bev at the Gala


Liz and Bev enjoying the Gala


Liz mingling with guest at the Gala







Liz, Mark, and Janet






Billy "The Baddest Drummer" Kilson and Liz


Sy and Liz



Janet and Mark dancing the night away



Janet and Liz with Chris Botti



Margaret, Liz, and Bev post concert



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  1. I’m also really glad you got to come visit. It was a really nice, warm day for a change. I had fun. And I hope it’ll happen again this coming Saturday for Mardi Gras! I’m know sure we’ll be doing an early dinner in NOLA before the Ball, since it’s all BYO for the spread there. Say around 6 probably? Let me know how long you’ll still be in town that day and we’ll make further plans. The only thing about this past visit is that it seemed too short, so we’ll have to make up for it this time around. Plus, I need to tell you about my amazing thrift store find today! Start guessing… Until then, keep Dappin’ with Sharon Jones !

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