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I learned a new word today…Upcycle. According to, to upcycle means to use ordinary objects to make something extraordinary and upcycling is the practice of converting waste materials into products of greater value. This is what I have been doing with various costume and vintage jewelry parts. I begin with a broken or “have not been worn in years” jewelry piece and dismantle it into usuable parts or cannibolize it. Then I take these various parts/pieces and new stones, wire, beads, etc. to create a totally new jewelry design.

The beaded chain, tassel, and link chain are vintage parts, all others are new

Wine Cork Necklaces aka "What to do with a cork collection?"

DREAM Necklace (vintage chandelier crystal, chain, jewelry piece)

Pillbox Necklace (Vintage pillbox and chain, leather, glass, pearls, button clasp)

Horseshoe Necklace (horseshoe shaped jewelry part with semi-precious stones/pearls, metal chain)



  1. Wow! Love your “dream” inside crystal pendant. Do you sell these? I’m very much interested in any info you could share. Thanks 🙂

  2. Thanks, yes I sell various versions of the chandelier crystal necklace. The one shown is $128. Go to to view other jewelry designs.

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