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Just as this sunset has those beautiful layers of color, so do these keishi pearl earrings. The colors in the pearls are multi-layered and pick up lots of colors in clothing and the golden hue of the earwires and waterfall effect of the design were inspired by that beautiful fall sunset.

Turquoise combines the best of blue and green as does this photograph overlooking a lake in Arkansas. It was the inspiration for this sterling silver bracelet with its earthy colors using turquoise and smoky quartz along with a pewter butterfly. Whether you are an “outdoorsy” type of gal or not, this bracelet is sure to get you attention.

Whenever I find unique beads, it is such a treat…kind of like picking ripe blueberries and getting to eat them right off the tree, which I got to do a couple of months ago. We picked about 8 gallons of blueberries, put them in the freezer and have been enjoying them ever since. I only had two of these raku pottery beads but I think I did them justice by  keeping the design of these earrings very simple. Their color is so beautiful, in fact, it kind of reminds me of those ripe blueberries.

Of course, color in nature is always inspiring. The vivid yellow of the freshwater pearls used on this vintage chandelier crystal necklace and earrings are similar to the flowers on this vine growing along a fence line.


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