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Whenever I first started making “memory” or “microscope” slide pendants, the first items I put in between the pieces of glass (microscope slides) were found butterfly wings. I have lost count on how many pendants I have made from moths and various butterfly specimens. On a recent trip to Arizona, I came home with quite a few. I have asked others to save any deceased butterflies they may come across for use in my slides. Recently a couple came to my jewelry booth at an outdoor show and told me about a B&B not too far away that had a butterfly garden and where is was located. So on a recent motorcycle ride, we headed in that direction. Unfortunately, no butterfly wings were to be found, but fortunately there were lots and lots of beautiful butterflies flying around in and around the garden. I hope the lady that purchased her butterfly slide necklace is enjoying it and I enjoyed our ride and the garden.

By the way, a fact from Wikipedia:  butterflies in their adult stage can live from a week to nearly a year depending on the species.

Butterfly Wing Necklace

Collection of Butterfly Wings on Vintage Paper Necklaces

Collection of Three Butterfly Wing Pendants

Beautiful Orange Butterfly

Liz in the Butterfly Garden


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