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Garnet just happens to be my birthstone since I was born in January. Also, garnet is the gemstone for a second anniversary.

Garnets name originates from the Greek granatum, meaning “seed like”, as in the color of pomegranate seeds. It can be considered the garden gem for its profusion of earthy cinnamon, chrysanthemum gold, tangerine orange, saturated red, fertile green and yellow, and floral pink and purplish red colors.

Legend has it that Noah, builder of the Ark, used a garnet lantern to navigate through the dark rain of his 40 days and nights odyssey.

Garnet is found around the world in Africa, Madagascar, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, India, Russia, Korea, Italy, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the United States.

Here a few examples of how I used garnet in my designs.

Faceted garnets, coin pearl, glass drop on sterling silver necklace

Peach coin pearls, faceted garnet on sterling silver earrings

Garnet and pearl choker to match the brides beautiful dress

Garnet drop on the back of choker


"Our opinions do not really blossom into fruition until we have expressed them to someone else.” Mark Twain

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