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I am not one to usually follow trends in jewelry making but when I saw these lovely wire nest pendants that have become very popular, I wanted to make them. I discovered the design can be used to make not only pendants but earrings and rings as well. Various metal or colored wire can be used as well as beads that represent “eggs” in the wire nest. The number of beads used is usually three to five  and the choice can be anything from pearls to stones. Usually, one color is used for all the eggs but any combination of beads, stones, or pearls can be used. For instance, for a mother, the birthstones of her children can be a lovely choice. To represent a birthday, the birthstone of the recipient could be used.

For the first ones that I made, I chose silver and copper wire and freshwater potato pearls in white and grey as well as stones such as agate, serpentine, and amazonite. Of course, other blue stones such as turquoise would give a Robin’s Egg like effect. Notice, the earrings use a tighter woven design while the pendants are woven looser with a more “birds’ nest” effect. I think both are lovely. For the pendants, they can hang on chains to match the wire metal used or leather or satin cords. The possiblilites are endless…and that is what makes even this trend fun to follow. The jewelry artist’s creativity can still come through.

Grey Freshwater Pearl Nesting Pendant

White Freshwater Pearl Nesting Pendant

Amazonite Nesting Earrings

Nesting Jewelry Collection


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