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It is a truism, when you need something that you cannot easily find, somehow you come up with a way to make it. I have been looking for a display for earrings when I do art shows. I have been able to find various displays, but mostly they only held a few earrings at best or they took up to much space on my tables or they were not stable enough for windy days. I put my handcrafted earrings on cards so that they can be displayed, but also so I can note on the back what stone, metal, bead, etc. that I used for the design. So, I  needed a display for earrings on these cards. I have been a collector of vintage oddities for a long time and have had an old wooden ironing board that I used to use a an outdoor coffee table at one time. It has been propped on my back patio for a few years now, no longer in use, but I was not willing to part with it either.

Eureka…a stand alone earrings display that holds almost 50 pairs of earrings on cards and a few necklaces to boot!  I knew the wood was soft, so it would be easy to place something to hang. First, I purchased cup holders at the hardware store; then I made the hang tags, cut them, punched a center hole and tiny pin holes for the ear wires to go through; then I used a paper template to mark off the spaces between the cards; then I screwed in the metal cup hooks. Voile…a display that is attractive, portable, and holds many earring cards.


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