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I am very fortunate to have friends that think about me whenever they happen upon something unusual that they think I can transform into a jewelry design, ie. butterfly wings, shells, vintage jewelry parts, feathers, etc.

But recently, I received a most unusual gift from my friend that volunteers at the local zoo – porcupine quills. Yes, that is what I said, quills – those long, spiky, dangerous looking things. They are from the African Crested Porcupine species which is the largest porcupine in the world.

Don’t worry, no one was harmed retrieving the quills. When the porcupines shake their body, the quills fall out.  They are believed to bring good-luck.

At birth, the baby porcupines, called porcupettes (so cute!), are covered in soft, sensitive bristles rather than hard quills.

The black and white quills are on the neck and back. The tips of the quills on the tail are narrow and hollow. These circular quills can range up to 20 inches in length. They make a rattling sound when the crested porcupine feels threatened. The underside of the porcupine is covered with rough dark brown or black bristles. It is called a crested porcupine because the back quills can be erected into a crest. The crest starts from the top of the head and extends down to the shoulders.


Stiletto   (lyrics by Billy Joel)

She cuts you once, she cuts you twice/But still you believe/The wound is so fresh you can taste the blood/But you don’t have strength to leave/You’ve been bought, you’ve been sold/You’ve been locked outside the door/But you stand there pleadin’,With your insides bleedin’,’Cause you deep down want some more/Then she says she wants forgiveness/It’s such a clever masquerade/She’s so good with her stiletto/You don’t even see the  blade/You don’t see the blade


"Our opinions do not really blossom into fruition until we have expressed them to someone else.” Mark Twain

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