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Sometimes, you just get lucky…and in this case, we got very lucky. We were enjoying our scenic route on Hwy. 1 in the San Simeon area. We had decided we did not have time to visit Hearst Castle, even though upon planning our trip, it was one of places that I was interested in exploring. It was late afternoon and we had skipped lunch due to having a large breakfast. We had started looking for a place to eat when we passed through Cambria, but did not see anything. By this time, we were both very hungry and except for Heart Castle, it seemed like we were in the middle of nowhere.

All of a sudden, I saw a blue highway sign to the left with reference to food! We turned down this country road that looked like a driveway to nowhere and rounded the curve to see this white building that looked like an old country store. And in fact, Sebastian’s Store was a general store opened in 1873 to serve workers in the whaling, mining, dairy and shipping industries in the area.

We parked the bike in front thinking maybe we would be lucky to find something to snack on. When we walked in, we noticed the wine tasting area and a long line of people waiting where they were ordering food from a window. We got in line and not long after were told we would be the last people who could order for the day. It was close to 4 p.m. and they were ready to shut down. Whew…what luck. Then my boyfriend Larry, was designated the bearer of bad news for anyone that came in after us. He was supposed to let them know that the “kitchen was closed”. I must say, he took his job seriously, and explained to each unfortunate soul that the staff had been working a long day and were ready to go home.

While he stood in line, I went to the wine tasting bar to taste some of the Hearst Ranch wines. I really did not expect much, but the tempranillo was really good, so I got a glass to go with my meal. We ordered cheeseburgers that are made with beef from the Hearst Ranch and sat ouside on the deck to wait. The sun was shining bright and we were happy to have a place to rest and grateful to have found a place to eat.

“Holy Cow” – excuse my pun…but the burgers were massive! We could have easily split one except for they were so big and juicy, they would have been difficult to cut into two; especially with the addition of the ripe avocados.

The final photo is one of the beautiful views as we traveled along the coastal highway after our meal; with grateful hearts and full bellies!





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