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Our host family in Camp Nelson told us that we would be able to see some beautiful redwoods where they lived in the Giant Sequoia National Monument. They live in Camp Nelson (elevation 4,800 feet), a small community of about 200 full time residences,  located about 50 miles east of Porterville, CA, in the southern Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Sure enough, just a short walk from their home were nature trails, mountain streams,  and Giant Sequoia.   But before we set out on our morning trek, we had a hearty breakfast at Mo’s Diner in what would be called the “downtown” area of Camp Nelson (basically a store/restaurant/tavern). I had a large ham/veggie omelet topped with generous slices of cheese and a side of potatoes to fuel up before our hike.

We explored areas around the Tule River with its clear, very cold, running water. We enjoyed watching fly fishermen (and women) attempt to catch fish such as trout. The temperature was PERFECT here.  Also, there was a natural mineral spring nearby that you could cup your hand and have a drink of ice cold, fizzy water.

That evening, we took part in the annual community get together, aka “The Corn Feed”. Ears of unshucked sweet corn were first soaked in water and then put into hot coals until done. There was a band and attendees brought various meats to grill as well as pot luck sides and desserts. It was fun to take part in their celebration.


"Our opinions do not really blossom into fruition until we have expressed them to someone else.” Mark Twain

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