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We like to take our stuffed animal, Mikhail, with us when we travel. Mikhail was adopted on Christmas Eve, 2009. She has traveled on two long motorcycle trips with us so far as well as other shorter trips. I discovered that taking stuffed animals on trips is not that unusual. In fact, the British hotel chain, Travelodge, completed a survey of Britons and found that 35% of adults sleep with a stuffed animal, this after finding so many left behind in rooms (this is no way to treat your loved one!) Many travelers bring their stuffed animals with them as a reminder of their families at home.

On the website, WikiHow, I found this article on how to travel with a stuffed animal!

1. Pack the things you want for your stuffed animal. Pack clothes, collars, and blankets for your stuffed animal. Your pet can’t be happy without the required stuff for her.

Since we pack light, the only accessory Mikhail has is a scarf to tie around her neck.

2. Make sure your stuffed animal can fit in your backpack or make a personal space in the car or an airplane. In the car or on an airplane, put a blanket on the seat next to you and lay her down there.

Mikhail rides on the seat beside me on the bike. I do have to tie her on so she doesn’t blow off. In a car, she can sit wherever she wants.

3. At your destination, put her in your purse with her head sticking out. You need to carry your animal and go sight-seeing with her. It builds plenty of memories.

I put Mikhail in my backpack…sometimes looking out, sometimes looking in (for safety reasons).

4. Buy things for her at gift shops. There could be shirts for dogs that you can use for your stuffed animal, rare necklaces, charms, and other things that are great for your pet. Make sure they are affordable.

We have not done this yet.

 5. In the hotel room or cabin (for cruises), give her a special spot on your bed. Put a blanket on the end of your bed and lay her on top! She’ll be sleeping on something cozy and she’ll feel protected because she is right next to you.

Done that!

6. Take pictures with her! Take a picture in front of something very cool. Let’s say you’re in Paris! Take a picture of her in front of the tower!

Done that!

7. Tell her about everything she sees! Act like a tour guide and explain some wonderful sights. This makes your animal seem more real, and more fun! You’ll also feel smart.

I admit it…done that!

8. Buy her a new friend! In some shops that you’ll see, you are going to find a stuffed animal that could be the perfect friend for your stuffed animal! Buy her one and introduce each other! Make them best friends, or sisters!

She has a friend at home, a yellow lab.

9. Feed her some of the unique foods you find! She’ll have a full tummy and she’ll be just as excited as you are.

Never have done that!

10. Play with her while you’re in the hotel room. After a long day of exploring, you’ll forget there is also playing needed! Make her dance, have her jump around, and have a dinner with her! She’ll be so happy that you didn’t forget to play.

Occasionally, she is usually very tired.

12. On the last day when you go home, have her wear everything you bought for her! That cute shirt in a foreign language or that beautiful necklace needs to be worn on your cute pet! Wearing it on the last day shows that you and your animal had a great time and you loved visiting that place. It shows festive, unique happiness. It celebrates your visit!

Since we don’t usually buy her anything, this is probably not going to happen.

12. At home, remind her of the loving and familiar place you both call home. Make some brownies or cookies and enjoy a movie with your pet, relaxing at home and remembering those fun times you had on your vacation!

Right now, she just needs a good bath.

Mikhail’s First Day With Us – She liked having her picture taken from the start


Ready to Roll

Mikhail Enjoyed the Ocean Views

Mikhail Made it to the Continental Divide

Mikhail Making Friends

Mikhail’s at the Golden Gate Bridge

Mikhail Crossing the State Line

Mikhail’s First Trip to Florida


Mikhail toured the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee

Mikhail in Arkansas

Taking a Break by the River

In For the Night


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