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I have a wonderful friend who is a collector of vintage pretties. Luckily for me, on more than one occasion, she has shared some of her stock. Yesterday, when I got home, she had left me a goodie box. In it were the following: a slim brass-colored metal box with small floral design – possibly a lipstick case; a coin-style charm bracelet with missing clasp (not sure exactly what is written on the coins – I will have to do some further investigation with a magnifying glass); a funky necklace with a mishmash of beads – kind of whimsical but mostly just ugly; a watch with a white beaded and leather band; a blue bead in the shape of a large strawberry with holes in the bottom (hum?); a gold metal dragon pendant; two vintage clip earrings – not a pair, just a single of each; a goldstone pendant; a cat wearing a rhinestone crown brooch.

Well, needless to say, I immediately got to work taking the necklace apart and there were some really nice components in it that I was able to turn into a pair of earrings with an ethnic flair. I can’t wait to incorporate the other “goodies” into various jewelry designs.

The box was repurposed from Philosophy Cosmetics Amazing Grace line and my boyfriend requested it because he loved the inspirational messages on the cover.

Any suggestions on what the metal case was used for or why the blue bead has holes at the bottom would be appreciated.

Salvaged Earrings



  1. Gorgeous job you did! What a fun find your friend left!
    Blessings ~ Wendy

      • archipelagojewelry
      • Posted November 14, 2012 at 10:31 am
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      Yes Wendy, it is good to have friends that fuel your creativity.

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