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Archipelago Jewelry by Liz Juneau yoga inspired jewelry collection.
The colors reflect the chakras or energy centers of the body, the circle is symbolic of movement, the hand stamped “OM” charms represents the sacred sound or chant that in Sanskrit means “all that is”. These designs are meant to remind the wearer to stay in harmony and unity with all that exists – mind, body and spirit!


The bracelets, earrings, and necklaces were designed using mixed metals, leather, crystals, glass, pearls, and stones.

Chakra Butterfly Lariat

Chakra Butterfly Lariat

Chakra earrings

Chakra Earrings

Chakra necklace

Chakra Necklace

Chakra necklace2

Heart Chakra Necklace

Chakra necklace3

Heart Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra bracelet

OM Chakra Bracelet

Om Chakra necklace3

OM Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra necklace4

OM Throat Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra necklace5

OM Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra necklace7

OM Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra necklace8

OM Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra necklace10

OM Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra pendants

OM Chakra Pendants

Om earrings

OM Throat Chakra Earrings

Om third eye necklace

OM Third Eye Necklace

Om earrings2

OM Third Eye Earrings


I have been amazed to see the season of Mardi Gras (translation: Fat Tuesday) extend to the rest of the country. I was looking at a major women’s fashion magazine recently and it featured suggestions on how to celebrate the Superbowl, Valentines Day, and Mardi Gras this year. It seems everyone wants a taste of that King Cake.

The traditional colors of Mardi Gras include purple, green, and gold. The purple does NOT represent royalty like amethyst but is symbolic of justice. The other colors of the Mardi Gras season, are green which represents faith and gold, which is symbolic of power.

The accepted story behind the colors is that in 1872, when the Grand Duke Alexis Romanoff of Russia visited New Orleans, he was he was given the honor of selecting the official Mardi Gras colors by the Krewe of Rex. These colors influenced the color choices of two major Louisiana colleges. LSU choosing purple and gold and Tulane choosing green and white.

So, in honor of this Mardi Gras season, I chose these jewelry designs in those colors.

Purple glass, craft wire earrings

Purple glass, craft wire earrings


Purple glass, craft wire earrings

Green rice pearls, prayer box,

Green glass and craft wire earrings

Green glass and craft wire earrings

Rutilated quartz, pearls, gold-filled bracelet

Rutilated quartz, pearl, ribbon necklace

Rutilated quartz, gold pearls, and ribbon necklace

Lately, I am into shapes in my jewelry designs. I have always loved the quatrefoil shape and have used some metal pendant/links in necklaces and bracelets. I wanted  to find a way to incorporate chevron, triangle, and rectangle shapes into my designs. Since I am not a metalsmith, I decided to use leather instead of metals.

I painted the leather with metallic paints in bronze, gold, and silver colors and then cut them into the various shapes. Using jump rings, I am able to link the shapes together to form patterns. For the cuff and hand bracelets, I embellished them with stones and feathers.  I love how these are turning out.

Single Chevron Silver/Bronze

Single Chevron Silver/Bronze

Chevon Necklace

Chevon Necklace

Triangles with dangles

Triangles with dangles

Chevron Necklace with chain links

Chevron Necklace with chain links

Embellished Cuff Bracelet

Embellished Cuff Bracelet

Hand Bracelet

Hand Bracelet

Chevron Necklace

Chevron Necklace

Earrings Silver Side

Silver Side

EarringsBronze Side

Bronze Side

Shape of My Heart


He deals the cards as a meditation
And those he plays never suspect
He doesn’t play for the money he wins
He doesn’t play for the respect
He deals the cards to find the answer
The sacred geometry of chance
The hidden law of probable outcome
The numbers lead a dance

I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier
I know that the clubs are weapons of war
I know that diamonds mean money for this art
But that’s not the shape of my heart

He may play the jack of diamonds
He may lay the queen of spades
He may conceal a king in his hand
While the memory of it fades

I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier
I know that the clubs are weapons of war
I know that diamonds mean money for this art
But that’s not the shape of my heart
That’s not the shape, the shape of my heart

And if I told you that I loved you
You’d maybe think there’s something wrong
I’m not a man of too many faces
The mask I wear is one
Those who speak know nothing
And find out to their cost
Like those who curse their luck in too many places
And those who smile are lost

I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier
I know that the clubs are weapons of war
I know that diamonds mean money for this art
But that’s not the shape of my heart
That’s not the shape of my heart

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. The weather is usually mild in my area of the country but there is the crispness of fall in the air. We have more and more trick-or-treaters coming through our neighborhood each year and many families and friends have hay rides and come in groups. I usually dress in costume at work and it is just an all around fun day.

I don’t usually make holiday themed jewelry, but I made an exception for Halloween. Here are a few spooky designs.

Spooky ~ Atlanta Rhythm Section

In the cool of the evening
When everything is gettin kind of groovy
I call you up and ask you if you
Want to go with me and see a movie
First you say no, you’ve got some plans for the night
And then you stop, and say, all right
Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you

You always keep me guessin
I never seem to know what you are thinkin
And if a fella looks at you
It’s for sure your little eye will be a-winkin
I get confused, cause I don’t know where I stand
And then you smile, and hold my hand
Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you

If you decide someday to stop this little game that you are
I’m gonna tell you all what my heart’s been a-dyin to be sayin
Just like a ghost, you’ve been a-hauntin my dreams
So I’ll propose on Halloween
Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you

Spooky, spooky
Spooky, oh whoa, all right
I said Spooky described this fall ensemble from blogger Lucy Z. at the Daily Disguise as having the “most perfect on-season colors in a single outfit”.  I have to agree except for the fact that she is not wearing any jewelry. Sure, the outfit is a gorgeous combination of colors and textures but why not add a touch more of fall color accent with a pair of earrings or a necklace and bracelet. Below are some similar autumn hued suggestions from Archipelago Jewelry by Liz Juneau.








I can remember when I was younger and I frowned upon anything old or worn. As I have gotten older, I cherish old, vintage, worn, aged (whatever you want to call them) items.

I have used some vintage lace in some of my jewelry designs for accents but decided to make them the main component. I call this project, “faux gilded” because instead of dipping the lace in gold or silver metal, I used some craft supplies.

I cut the lace in various shapes depending on the size or pattern, painted them with metallic acrylic paint in gold and silver tones, and coated them with Mod Podge for added stiffness. After they dried, they took on a life of their own becoming bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. I embellished them with ribbon or beads. I love how the paint brought out even more of the detail of the lace designs.

BTW: The term “gild the lily” means to apply unnecessary ornament;  to over embellish.

Contrary to popular belief, Shakespeare did not coin the term “gild the lily”. Below is the quote by Salisbury from King John, 1595:

Therefore, to be possess’d with double pomp,
To guard a title that was rich before,
To gild refined gold, to paint the lily,
To throw a perfume on the violet,
To smooth the ice, or add another hue
Unto the rainbow, or with taper-light
To seek the beauteous eye of heaven to garnish,
Is wasteful and ridiculous excess.

‘Gild the lily’ doesn’t appear in the original quotation. The term “paint the lily” was used in the 20th century, with the same meaning we now apply to “gild the lily”. Clearly, this is the correct quotation. The two versions coexisted for a time but “gild the lily” became the much more popular one.

I thought this an apt description considering that the vintage lace has such a beauty on its own…but I do like the extra embellishment.

I don’t have much pink in my wardrobe. It is not that I don’t like the color, I guess I just have not gravitated toward it much in my clothing choices. I did find a cute black tee with an illustration of The Pink Panther and the word “PINK” to wear to work for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I do choose pink often in my jewelry designs though. Rose quartz, pink pearls, pink coral, and pink jaspers are some of my go-to jewelry design components.

This year our local Komen Race for the Cure will be held on October 20th. I have a special reason to walk the 5K having a close friend who is a recent breast cancer survivor.

So I am inclined to “Think Pink”!

Pink Bamboo Cording on Gold Hoops/Seed Beads/Glass

Feathers on Pink Vintage Crepe Paper Slide Necklace

Vintage Fan and Chain, Pink Jasper Necklace

Pink Jasper on Sterling Silver Earrings

Pink Branch Coral on Leather Necklace

Leather Cuff with Pink Satin Ribbon Corset Bracelet

Pink Feather Glass Slide Necklace

Pink Keishi Pearls on Sterling Silver

Pink Peruvian Opal on Copper Bracelet

I am continually inspired by the environment that surrounds me. I don’t have to travel much further than my yard or neighborhood to find the most interesting flora. The unique colors and patterns are captured  by my eyes but I have the urge to record them with a quick click of my Iphone.  It is the same way with my jewelry designs. I have the desire to express my love of nature with materials such as beads, stones, pearls, and metal clay.

Growth in Creativity

Feathers and Stones Bracelet

As a jewelry artist, GROWTH for me means constantly challenging my creativity as well as learning new techniques and skills. I enjoy using non-traditional jewelry elements such as found or collected objects and components from nature. This bracelets combines feathers shed from birds at my local zoo and rough stones found while gem mining on vacation.

One of my favorite jewelry components is freshwater pearls. The colors are endless and the design possiblities varied.

Freshwater pearls come from mollusks (not oysters, which are in salt water only) which are cultivated in lakes and rivers, not in the ocean. They are often somewhat less lustrous than their saltwater counterparts. However, they appear in a wide variety of shapes and colors, and they tend to be less expensive than saltwater pearls, making them quite popular. Freshwater pearls are also quite durable, resisting chipping, wear, and degeneration. A single mollusk can produce up to 50 pearls.

Pearls are named according to their shapes. Some of them include:

Roundish pearls with a slightly oblong shape and less-symmetrical curves, resembling more a potato than a sphere.

pink freshwater pearls with agate pendant necklace

An elongated freshwater pearl with a crinkled or ringed surface, many of which resemble a grain of rice.

rice pearls on sterling silver hoop earrings

Pearls that are almost perfectly spherical, which is the shape most people think of when they think of a pearl.

grey freshwater pearls and agate pendant necklace

Pearls that are pear or teardrop-shaped. The drop can either be “long” or “short,” depending on its proportions.

freshwater pearl and stone bracelet

Pearls with an irregular shape resembling stones or nuggets. The surfaces can be smooth or rough. They can include pearls shaped like popcorn, peanuts, bullets, rocks and so on. Larger, quality nuggets are classified as “baroque”.

coin pearl on sterling silver earrings

Button pearls are round pearls that are flattened to some degree, making them resemble a button or perhaps a disk rather than a perfect sphere. Often they are flat on one side.

white frehswater pearl and chrysoprase bracelet

Coin pearls are pearls that are round and flat on two sides, making them shaped like a coin.

coin pearl on sterling round hoop earrings

SALTWATER PEARLS                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Pearls that come from mollusks that live in saltwater, the most well-known of which are oysters. Saltwater pearls tend to be rounder and have richer tones, and thus fetch a much higher price. The best pearls in upscale jewelry shops are usually saltwater pearls.

MABE  PEARLS                                                                                                                         A hemispherical shaped pearl which is grown against the inside of the oyster’s shell, rather than within its tissue. The pearl develops in a dome form with a flat back – the back is usually attached manually after harvesting. Cultured mabes are used for such things as rings and earrings, rather than for stringing on necklaces.

KEISHI PEARLS                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Keshi Pearls are among the most lustruous of pearls. They are formed when an oyster rejects and spits out the nucleus implanted during the process of producing cultured pearls. Because the nucleus has been expelled by the oyster, the resulting keshi pearl is pure nacre, giving it unparalleled luster and beauty. These keshi pearls, also known as petal pearls, can form in either saltwater or freshwater and are relatively rare. They can come in a variety of colors, both naturally and dyed.

keishi pearl, amethyst, sterling silver orchid pendant necklace

Pearl Necklace
Songwriters: Frank Beard, William Gibbons, Joe Hill

She’s really upset with me again,
I didn’t give her what she likes.
I don’t know what to tell her,
Don’t know what to say.
Everything got funky last night.

She was really bombed,
And I was really blown away,
Until I asked her what she wanted,
And this is what she had to say:
A pearl necklace.
She wanna pearl necklace.
She wanna pearl necklace.

She gets a charge out of bein’ so weird,
Digs gettin’ downright strange.
But I can keep a handle on anything,
Just this side of deranged.

She was gettin’ bombed,
And I was gettin’ blown away,
And she held it in her hand
And this is what she had to say:
A pearl necklace.
She wanna pearl necklace.
She wanna pearl necklace.

She is so tough, as pure as the driven slush.
And that’s not true what she’s talkin’ about,
It really don’t cost that much.

She was gettin’ bombed,
And I was gettin’ blown away,
And she took it in her hand,
And this is what she had to say:
A pearl necklace.
She wanna pearl necklace.
She wanna pearl necklace.