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Archipelago Jewelry by Liz Juneau yoga inspired jewelry collection.
The colors reflect the chakras or energy centers of the body, the circle is symbolic of movement, the hand stamped “OM” charms represents the sacred sound or chant that in Sanskrit means “all that is”. These designs are meant to remind the wearer to stay in harmony and unity with all that exists – mind, body and spirit!


The bracelets, earrings, and necklaces were designed using mixed metals, leather, crystals, glass, pearls, and stones.

Chakra Butterfly Lariat

Chakra Butterfly Lariat

Chakra earrings

Chakra Earrings

Chakra necklace

Chakra Necklace

Chakra necklace2

Heart Chakra Necklace

Chakra necklace3

Heart Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra bracelet

OM Chakra Bracelet

Om Chakra necklace3

OM Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra necklace4

OM Throat Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra necklace5

OM Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra necklace7

OM Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra necklace8

OM Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra necklace10

OM Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra pendants

OM Chakra Pendants

Om earrings

OM Throat Chakra Earrings

Om third eye necklace

OM Third Eye Necklace

Om earrings2

OM Third Eye Earrings


I recently began taking yoga classes. Yoga was always something I thought I could not do. The most obvious reason…I am so inflexible. When it comes to being able to bend over and touch my toes, it takes effort  just to get to my knee area. So therefore, I thought, yoga was not for me. Well, I am still not as nimble and strong as many of my peers in class but I am becoming more flexible and stronger with each class I attend. Yoga is teaching me many other things as well. For example, how to focus on breathing and to silence my mind (at least for an hour or so). It is helping with my posture and balance and reminds me to keep balance in other parts of my life as well.

One of the aspects of yoga that I am learning is the Chakras, or energy sources in the body. There are seven main Chakras but I have read there are actually 114. They are root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye or brow, and crown and are associated with areas of the body. Many forms of healing work with these energy centers and disturbances in a chakra’s flow of the energy can result in disturbances in a person’s health, emotions, mind, spirit, or life.

There are colors associated with the main chakras, red for root, orange for sacral, yellow for solar plexus, green for heart, light blue for throat, indigo for third eye, and white or violet for crown.

To keep me mindful in my yoga practice…both on and off my mat, I designed a few Chakra necklaces and bracelet. I chose various stones/beads to represent the Chakra colors. Garnet for red/root, carnelian for orange/sacral, citrine for yellow/solar plexus, chrysoprase for green/heart, turquoise for blue/throat, sodalite for indigo/third eye and violet/amethyst for crown. The last one pictured is a handstamped necklace I made for one of my yoga instructors, B, because he is such a patient teacher.