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I love using natural elements in my jewelry designs. This fall, I could not go anywhere without stepping on acorns from all the oak trees around Savannah. Upon closer inspection, I noticed they were different shapes and sizes.  I knew I needed to make them into jewelry. The colors varied from light brown to rust but I wanted to make them look more like metal so I coated them with metallic paint and then sprayed on a protective coating. This added an extra layer of hardness to the acorn tops. I used a bead reamer to make a whole in the top of the cap and then added beads to represent the acorn bottom. Pearls and round beads in fall colors worked well. My favorite designs are these lariats using two jasper stones with metal leaf drop and tourmaline as accents.

Acorn lariat short

Acorn lariat close up

Acorn lariat


I wanted a memento of the places we traveled on vacation, so I designed my own Vacation Charm Bracelet. The elements include a wine cork from a bottle of Luna Vineyards Sangiovese from Napa Valley. I cut the cork in four parts where the letters were stamped on one side, LUNA, and the date, 2008, on the other. I modpodged the same letters and numbers to the flat side of the cork pieces. I added a medal I purchased from Mission San Luis Obispo de Toloso, one of the many missions we visited in California.  Then for color and to represent the different scenery, a shell bead for the beach and jasper beads for the mountains and forest, as well as Globe turquoise for the Southwest and the desert. A motorcycle charm seemed a fitting finish. They dangle on a sterling silver link chain.