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I think these are two of my most UNIQUE jewelry designs. For the first one, named “Put a Spell On You”, I used a fossil – pyrite on amazonite, found object –  a feather, vintage jewelry pieces – pocket watch case and crystals, and various other jewelry components. The second one also uses a vintage pocket watch case, this time in brass, with added vintage crystals, fleur-de-lis, and pearls. I named the second one, “Mardi Gras Mambo”. They both hang from simple leather cords with a vintage button closure.

Put a spell on You




My jewelry designs took a lot of twists and turns in 2012, both literally and figuratively. I experimented with a multitude of new media from lace to leather.

Due to the increase in cost of sterling silver and gold-filled wire, I decided to try artistic and craft wire for making earrings and other findings. Since these come in such a wide array of colors, it was fun to mix metallic tones such as hematite, brass, and copper. I was able to twist and hammer the wire, without having to worry so much about the cost if something did not go as planned. Also, I tried my hand at stamping on metal and leather to make custom pieces with monograms, symbols, etc.

Other materials used were vintage lace and leather that I faux metallized by using metallic paints. I really love the way these designs developed. Many non jewelry components such as porcupine quills, spent bullet casings, ribbon and other textiles and of course my favorite, feathers, were used as well.

I am excited for 2013 to see where my designs will go from here and am always ready to be inspired by other jewelry artists, fashion trends, or whatever collected/discarded natural element, stone, or ephemera comes my way.

Geometry in jewelry design.

Full Moon Earrings

Modern Art Earrings

Two Peas in A Pod Necklace

Art Deco Necklaces

When I think of what is mine, my jewelry designs are definitely my creations. Even if I sell them to someone, they are still mine. They started off as just an idea and then somehow, someway they developed into pieces of jewelry. The process may be slow at times and sometimes very different from the original design idea,  but after it is all done, I am usually pleased with the tangible, wearable little work of art that I have made.

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