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Packing my favorite grey leather motorcycle jacket for my recent weekend ride got me thinking about this iconic jacket style. I purchased my current version in Italy in 2012. It was a little pricy but I have absolutely no regrets. To get that same jacket in the US, I would have probably paid three times as much. And the quality of the leather is like “butta”. I have another black version, a little less fitted, with a fur liner, that I have taken on all of my motorcycle trips and it has withstood wind, cold, sand, dirt, rain, and hail.

So, where did what me call the motorcycle or moto style jacket originate? Well, in 1929, brothers Irving and Jack Schott, the sons of Russian immigrants, created the first biker jacket, which they called the Perfecto. initially made for utility purposes, it quickly came to stand for all things cool, rebellious, and edgy. The company, Schott, NYC is still in existence today making some pretty cool versions of the classic jacket.

Try to imagine James Dean, Marlon Brando or Fonzie without the leather motorcycle jacket. Not possible.

Then try to imagine what you would wear in place of your leather motorcycle jacket whether you want to dress up or dress down an outfit and stay warm. It can even be worn over formal wear. In fact, I can’t think of an occasion when I would not wear one.