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I love using natural elements in my jewelry designs. This fall, I could not go anywhere without stepping on acorns from all the oak trees around Savannah. Upon closer inspection, I noticed they were different shapes and sizes.  I knew I needed to make them into jewelry. The colors varied from light brown to rust but I wanted to make them look more like metal so I coated them with metallic paint and then sprayed on a protective coating. This added an extra layer of hardness to the acorn tops. I used a bead reamer to make a whole in the top of the cap and then added beads to represent the acorn bottom. Pearls and round beads in fall colors worked well. My favorite designs are these lariats using two jasper stones with metal leaf drop and tourmaline as accents.

Acorn lariat short

Acorn lariat close up

Acorn lariat


Archipelago Jewelry by Liz Juneau yoga inspired jewelry collection.
The colors reflect the chakras or energy centers of the body, the circle is symbolic of movement, the hand stamped “OM” charms represents the sacred sound or chant that in Sanskrit means “all that is”. These designs are meant to remind the wearer to stay in harmony and unity with all that exists – mind, body and spirit!


The bracelets, earrings, and necklaces were designed using mixed metals, leather, crystals, glass, pearls, and stones.

Chakra Butterfly Lariat

Chakra Butterfly Lariat

Chakra earrings

Chakra Earrings

Chakra necklace

Chakra Necklace

Chakra necklace2

Heart Chakra Necklace

Chakra necklace3

Heart Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra bracelet

OM Chakra Bracelet

Om Chakra necklace3

OM Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra necklace4

OM Throat Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra necklace5

OM Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra necklace7

OM Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra necklace8

OM Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra necklace10

OM Chakra Necklace

Om Chakra pendants

OM Chakra Pendants

Om earrings

OM Throat Chakra Earrings

Om third eye necklace

OM Third Eye Necklace

Om earrings2

OM Third Eye Earrings

Growth in Creativity

Feathers and Stones Bracelet

As a jewelry artist, GROWTH for me means constantly challenging my creativity as well as learning new techniques and skills. I enjoy using non-traditional jewelry elements such as found or collected objects and components from nature. This bracelets combines feathers shed from birds at my local zoo and rough stones found while gem mining on vacation.

All things are artificial, for nature is the art of God.
~ Thomas Browne
Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art more and more.
~ Vincent Van Gough

Most people know that the connection between nature and art is very strong. I think most artists go back to nature time and time again for inspiration. For most of us, being in nature is a destressor and very therapeutic. It is a way to “unplug” and see God’s hand in every small detail.

When traveling, I often pick up some small natural element as a memory of a place, whether it be a smooth, interesting looking stone, a feather, an intricate looking fern, or a deceased butterfly.

Lately, I have taken some of my collection and turned them into wearable works of art – jewelry.

Found Stone

Found butterfly wings in glass slide

Feathers and Rough Stones

Rough stone found while gem mining in North Carolina

“Gimme back my bullets
Put ’em back where they belong
Ain’t foolin’ around ’cause I done had my fun
Ain’t gonna see no more damage done
Gimme back, gimme back my bullets
Oh, put ’em back… where they belong”

While making my latest jewelry creations, I could not get this song from Lynyrd Skynyrd out of my head. For music fans, the song and the title of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s fourth album, Gimme Back My Bullets, was released in 1976.
For jewelry fans, these pendants are made from spent 45 caliber brass bullet casings with various raw uncut stones such as quartz.  These are unisex pendants and hang from a simple silver metal ball chains or vintage gold metal chains.

Shell casing with quartz stone

Shell casing with pink stone

Shell casing wtih stone necklace

Shell casing with green stone

Statement Ring Collection

Statement rings, bold rings, cocktail rings, chunky rings, funky rings…whatever you want to call them, just wear them. Think of them as a guilty little pleasure, aka “finger candy”. Not everyone can pull off wearing a big, bold necklace or oversize earrings but almost anyone can wear these rings. You can wear them on almost any finger or wear multiple rings if you want to be really bold. You can wear them with you favorite LBD or just put on for that “this is going to be a fun day/night” kind of mood. The bling from the ones I designed come from natural rough stones and are embellished with cut stones, pearls, etc. and sterling silver wire. They are mounted on a metal adjustable ring shank to ease in the wearing on different fingers.